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Our goal is to help scientists promote their work via excellent communications with the media and the public. Academic publishing is vital in this process. 24 Media Labs offers writing and editing services for scientists in a wide number of fields. Whilst academic publication is a start, engagement with the public takes more effort and different skills. This is why we also offer advice on science communications strategies and development. We can also work with you in news package production and promote your work via the the Alternative Science News Service.

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Blogs | 24 Media Labs

‘Flu vaccine ‘breakthrough’ research published in… The Guardian? Another example of questionable practices and odd communication strategy appears to be emerging today. This time it's all about early stage vaccine research for 'flu being published in... The Guardian.

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Science News Services

Alternative Science News Service (ASNS) @ 24 Media Labs

The Alternative Science News Service is designed to give journalists and writers a richer ecosystem to source science related stories from.

Promoting your Science

Helping Scientists promote Science

Find out how we can help you promote your science through the development of news packages and our science news services.

Academic Writing and Editing

Academic Writing and EditingAcademic publishing is a vital process in Science. 24 Media Labs offers writing and editing services for scientists in a wide number of fields.


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